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Sudheendra May 11, 2005 03:28

Modeling Adsorption/Packed Beds
Hi all, My system is that there is a liquid (containing some solutes) that flows through a porous medium. I need to model the adsorption of the solutes to the porous media.My aim is to determine the concentration of the solute in the porous media after adsorption takes place. I dont find any of the multiphase models in Fluent helpful in my case. Can anyone suggest what is to be done?

thomas May 12, 2005 15:32

Re: Modeling Adsorption/Packed Beds
I think you are a little bit beyond the CFD capacity of the moment ... However depending on what you are really looking for i guess a simulation can give you some indication ... Your problem is not multiphase but multi-species [water + solutes]. What i would do in your case is to try to find a kinetic of adsorption in your system, basically the kinect of conssuption of your solutes. Assuming an isotropic media you may be able to obtain some useful results !

Sudheendra May 13, 2005 02:05

Re: Modeling Adsorption/Packed Beds
Thank you Thomas I do have the kinetics of adsorption, i.e. the rate of adsorption, the adsorption coefficient etc., and I write a UDF (based on simple mass transfer) for it. The real problem is that there is an oxidation reaction (between oxygen and the solute) on the porous media after the adsorption of the solute takes place. I need to know how much of the solute is adsorbed. The Langmuir model gives a relation between equilibrium concentration of the solute in the liquid and the adsorbed solute on the solid. Generally the values of equilibrium concentration are not available. I want a relation between the concentration of the solute in water (at any time,space) and the amount of it that is adsorbed...

Please Help.

manohar September 25, 2010 14:19

hi sudheendra, My problem is also related to adsorption.can u please tell me how to proceed or can u give me any info about that one?? April 21, 2013 04:09

adsorption of bezene on activated carbon
Hi all,My system is a mask made of activated carbon for adsorption of air pollutants(for example benzene),and any real chemical reaction doesnt take place in my system,but I know that in fluent I should define an elimination reaction instead of adsorption for solving the problem.
I have 2 problem:
1-how many UDF in fluent are needed?
2-What functions should I define in UDF?

please help me.

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