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Michael May 12, 2005 02:39

About phase change heat and mass transfer
I have been working on the heat and mass transfer simulation on the phase change in a mixing chamber for some time. But I cannot finish it. I do not know how to make use of VOF model to simulate such a problem. As in my idea, the VOF model of Fluent can nearly not be suitable for such a problem. The VOF model can not take account of the mass and heat transfer. For example, you see that, in the 'phase interaction' you could only see the 'mass transfer' bar which I think we may add a UDF about the mass transfer, but in 'heat transfer' bar, nothing!

I have nearly given up my hope! Because I can not get enough materials about the Fluent training. Yes, I am in an University and the University had afforded to buy the Fluent sometime ago but the man who is the administrator would not share the registration with us!

Will somebody lend me a hand?

edi ghirardi May 12, 2005 06:52

Re: About phase change heat and mass transfer
In Fluent 6.2 you can specify the mass transfer even in the 'phase interaction' panel (it should be a new feature, you could define it via UDF before), but as far as I know you can't customize explicitly a heat transfer between phases in the VOF model, even if you use a UDF...

Good luck


maysmech February 13, 2011 02:49


How is constant rate mass transfer of Fluent?

Is it for all cells or for cells which had both species?

I mean can it be used for vaporous mechanism?


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