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simon May 13, 2005 05:44

Discrete Phase Data
I have just been using the discrete phase particle model in FLUENT. I am having troubling getting velocity data out at set points in the domain. If I use report > discrete phase > sampling then it makes me specify a line and not a point. If I create a very small line the data given out is not just on the line but from other places in the domain as well. The data created are also very large. Is there away of me getting out the average particle velocities at set locations in the domain?

abel May 14, 2005 04:23

Re: Discrete Phase Data
hello simon,

excuse me, this is not an answer, but a question i use the same model (discrete phase) for liquid fuel combustion, I do not understand the parameters shows in the "injection panel" 1- number of streams? ( = number of injector-heads?) 2- fisrt and last point ( of what?) 3-how to get velocities ( xvelo, yvelo ...)??


Rhinocao May 21, 2005 10:25

Re: Discrete Phase Data
question 1:the answer is no! 2 : the position of the injection

us May 24, 2005 18:16

Re: Discrete Phase Data
Simon, What you can do is, creat a very small surface with interior boundary condition perpendicular to the spray direction. Then perform as following: 1. Go to Report-DPM 2. Open Sample trajectory panel. Select small created surfaces in Boundaries. Select appropriate injection 3.Compute. It will generate data on that perticular surface and store in .dpm file.(It would generate as many .dpm files as you created as your sampling point, if you reqd data at more than one location) 4.Open Report-DPM-Histogram 5. Read the appropriate .dpm file. 6. Select surface from the sample. Select the parameter of interest from the field box. 7. Compute/plot. This would give average value for computed parameter in your consol window and min. max values with daviation as well.

It may not be an ideal way of doing but this was the only way i found. The negative side of this method is, you necessarily should have created such small sampling surfaces with interior boudary conditions as a part of creating geometry in GAMBIT or any prepropressor you use.

Hope this helps. Best regards, -US

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