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Kjt May 13, 2005 18:42

Shadow Faces in Fluent
I have created a mesh in gambit in which I have a solid zone adjacent to a fluid zone. When I import this mesh to fluent, I get a wall and a wall-shadow between these 2 zones. so now the sequence of the boundary is: solid interior, wall, wall-shadow, liquid interior. What is this wall-shadow zone and why does Fluent create this? Also, what material property should I assign to these zones (wall amd wall-shadow)..solid or liquid?. Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks

jyothishkumar May 16, 2005 06:42

Re: Shadow Faces in Fluent
hi, u must be doing some heat transfer problem. In that case v have to mesh both the solid and fluid zone. fluent will automatically couple this fluid and solid zone through this shadow faces. If u take a solid adjacent to fluid, which is having contact with fluid as well as with solid(there will be a common face). so it divides that face in to two faces one which is in contact with solid zone and the other which is having contact with fluid zone.



Kjt May 16, 2005 17:26

Re: Shadow Faces in Fluent
Thanks for the reply. What would be the case in which both the zones are solid? Which solid'sproperty should I assign to the wall and the wall-shadow?

jyothish May 17, 2005 00:15

Re: Shadow Faces in Fluent

If both the zones are solid then u r doing conduction problem. Generally for wall and wall-shadow u can give the thickness or u can leave it as it is.



Kishan October 14, 2013 05:51

what material property should be assign to these zones??

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