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pratap behera May 18, 2005 02:40

heat exchanger
hi ppl i have a simple problem. i am having a pipe heat exchanger in which two pipe is the inner pipe hot fluid flows and in the outer pipe cold fluid flows. as a new user i am unable to find how to take two fluid in the two pipes and how to model it. can anyone please maintion how to use the BCs and all the conditions

thanks in advance. thanking you pratap

Harish May 18, 2005 05:01

Re: heat exchanger
Try multiphase


pUl| May 18, 2005 12:56

Re: heat exchanger
I'm not so sure. Why not simply define two appropriate fluid zones (continuum) when you mesh your geometry in gambit and later in fluent choose fluid.1 or fluid.2 and set it to the appropriate fluid? It does not appear to be a multi-phase problem. Just a simple double-pipe Heat exchanger where the two fluids never mix?

subha_meter August 10, 2010 23:56

double pipe exchanger
No need to use multifluid model. Separate continuum will do. However it's easy if the problem is 2D. You can make the annular space. But I have doubt how to do to in 3D since if you place 2 co-centric cylinders and simply mesh it, Fluent will treat the inner cylinder as a part of outer cylinder and solve through it i.e. the inner cylinder wall would appear as permeable!!

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