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Aashutosh Magdum May 20, 2005 04:28

tetrahedral meshing in square channel

I am creating geometry in GAMBIT for a square channel with spherical particles inside it.My aim is to study the flow properties inside the same, so i started my geometry with a single cube having a sphere of diameter same as that of cube's side. I tried the geometry by dividing into 8 parts.When i tried to mesh the volume by Tet/Hybrid elements with type TGrid its meshing only the faces not the void space and i failed to create boundary layers for the gemoetry. Exact error statement is:

ERROR:tetrahedral meshing is failed for volume volume-14,this is usually caused by problems in the face meshes.check the skewnesses of your faces and make sure the face mesh sizees are not too large in areas of small gaps.

Thank You in advance.

zxaar May 20, 2005 04:43

Re: tetrahedral meshing in square channel
try using different interval size while meshing

Aashutosh Magdum May 20, 2005 05:21

Re: tetrahedral meshing in square channel
I think the error might be there in my geometry because I am not able to make boundary layers for my geometry to be precise; the boundary layers are going outside the geometry. Please suggest me regarding this.

us May 23, 2005 12:46

Re: tetrahedral meshing in square channel
Not sure about the boundary layer. Depends on where you creat the boundary layer as your sphere seems touching the cube's sides. Instead of using BL, try using Size functions with fine mesh on Sphere surface and them using as source faces. Regards -US

seirov May 28, 2005 20:27

Re: tetrahedral meshing in square channel

I don't know how Gambit works, but firstly I do a triangular surface mesh with a CAD software (with a face skeness smaller than 0.6), and afterthat I do a volume mesh with TGrid (menu "mesh -> hexcore") and I check volume skeness is smaller than 0.9. If you use a quad surface mesh, you can do a first layer of pyramid mesh (menu "mesh -> pyramid") in TGrid and afterthat you will be able to do a hexcore mesh, because tet's will be created on the triangular faces of the pyramids.

Good luck!

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