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tom May 22, 2005 01:21

Gambit - Block meshing problem

I am trying to mesh a complex geometry with various interior obstacles. My initial idea was to create the outer volume geometry and then create bricks or cylinders around the interior elements, so I would have more or easier control over how to mesh those interior elements (like valves, nozzles etc) and also did not have to do everything at once, but test things step by step.

To test my idea I am meshing the following simple mesh. A bigger brick as the outer volume, and two smaller bricks inside, one at the bottom, one at the top. I created the outer brick, and the two inner bricks, now my problem is, how do I connect the faces where the inner bricks overlap with the outer brick.

I have tried spit volume (small brick split with outer brick). However, if I try the same with the second inner brick (split second small brick with the remaining outer brick) gambit places walls where the first inner brick intersects the outer brick.

So, I guess that is my question. Maybe someone can explain the steps that I have to follow for the above example.

Thanks, Tom

Alec Eiffel May 23, 2005 11:36

Re: Gambit - Block meshing problem
Hi Tom

If i understand the problem correctly it is that gambit is creating two faces between volumes, whcih means the mesh is not connected.

There is a simple solution to this problem. after splitting all volumes and before meshing any volumes go to GEOMETRY -> FACE. In that section you will find a CONNECT/DISCONNECT FACES button. select this and in the faces selection box select "all".

This will delete any disconnected faces.

Tom May 26, 2005 11:02

Re: Gambit - Block meshing problem
Thanks Alec.

I will try your suggestion. I have not really paid too much attention to the defaults panel.

I was able to solve the problem I described by always splitting the larger volume with a smaller one. However, I do believe that the resulting "geometry" was not clean, i.e. like you mentioned must have contained disconnected faces.


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