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Jenny May 23, 2005 21:05

Representing Efficiency in Wind Turbines
I am working on a new type of wind turbine and have already built the geometry in GAMBIT. I know how to represent the airflow around the blades, but am looking for previous work on how others have used FLUENT to show the efficiency of the turbine.

I am still new to FLUENT and as far as I can see, this is not something that is built into FLUENT, but something I am going to have to write a sub-routine for. As I am not a C programmer, I would be very grateful for any leads people could give me on this one.

Thanks in advance for any help.


antonio May 28, 2005 14:34

Re: Representing Efficiency in Wind Turbines
hi, I'm working on a simulation of a wind turbine,too.. the fact is that in all the works i found in the web,all the works are done with a lot of grid cells(10e8)..I have to study the acoustic sources of this kind of many points do you think I have to use to capture a good range of audible frequences(0-100Hz)?

Thanks Antonio

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