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gh May 27, 2005 14:35

velocity magnitude contours
hello there,

when viewing the results of my simulation, i can't seem to be able to view the velocity magnitude contours (they appear completely blue i.e. 0 m/s). however, the velocity magnitude vectors appear to be fine? can anyone shed any light on why this is happening? very many thanks for your time. gh.

Alec Eiffel May 28, 2005 09:27

Re: velocity magnitude contours
are you displaying the velocity contours on a wall?

antonio May 28, 2005 14:15

Re: velocity magnitude contours
try to set a specific range of you know how to use the acoustic module in fluent? thanks Antonio

Gary Holland May 31, 2005 09:16

Re: velocity magnitude contours
Hi Alec and Antonio, thanks for your reply messages. I am trying to display contours on the walls. If i try to display the velocity from the 'inlet' it only seems to diplay a tiny section of contours and then again, the rest is just blue. I am a beginner with FLUENT and so, no, i havn't yet used the acoustic module. Any help would be very much appreciated. thanks, gary.

Tang June 1, 2005 15:14

Re: velocity magnitude contours
Well I can say that you are assuming no slip wall conditions, so there won't be any velocity contours at the wall. You must change this in your wall boundary condition if you want to account for velocity at the wall boundary.

gh June 1, 2005 16:35

Re: velocity magnitude contours
Tang, thank you very much for the tip, it seems to work fine now. Just to make sure that i did what you suggested correctly - i checked the circle for specified shear, although is it ok to leave all 3 at zero? thanks again, gary.

zxaar June 1, 2005 22:50

Re: velocity magnitude contours
it some times does this way, specially when we stop it when it is updating the variables after a time step, i was once shocked to see zero pressure field in the domain, but after 1 iteration it recovered the pressure field.

Mahesh June 7, 2005 09:27

Re: velocity magnitude contours
I guess u r solving 2D case, hence facing this problem. Select everything in surafce panel & then plot the contour.

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