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Mark June 1, 2005 11:30

stopping a fluent job in nohup
We have set up a simulation with a batch file, and executed it using the nohup command in Linux. Is there any way of gracefully stopping the program before the end of the batch file. I.E. we believe it has converged and do not want to run it any longer.


korni June 2, 2005 07:10

Re: stopping a fluent job in nohup
Hi Mark!

I guess your problem is that you don't have the *.dat-file if you kill the job...

The way I'm doing this is to write out a *.dat-file after for example every 500 Iterations and then kill the job after it's converged (an a *.dat file was written..).

This probably won't help you this time, but for the nest time maybe...

Sorry for my poor English and goog luck!

Mark June 2, 2005 09:51

Re: stopping a fluent job in nohup

Thank you very much for the suggestion. We are currently writing data at intervals to determine when convergence is reached. We are just unsure if killing the Fluent job from the "top" command in linux is a safe thing to do (i.e. does this release the Fluent licence?), but furthermore, it is not sufficient for parallel jobs. The kill script is intended for this I believe, however, when we went to execute this, the computer just hangs.



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