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DH June 2, 2005 21:18

Physical Velocity in Porous Media - FLUENT BUG ???
I am simulating a PEM Fuel Cell and the model employs the following:

species transport incompressible, ideal gas assumption

I have sources and sinks for species, momentum, and energy.

and here is the problem:

I developed a convergence monitor, that makes sure that I have mass conservation across my domain. If I implement the superficial formulation it has mass conservation, but if I implement the physical formulation the model doesn't achieve mass conservation despite the fact that it would appear by fluent's criteria that the solution is converged. To sum this up:

Physical Velocity = no mass conservation from inlet to outlet. Superficial = mass conservation from inlet to outlet.

Has anyone run into this problem? (I have extensively played with the under-relaxation and scheme's to no effect).



elemad1987 August 7, 2012 07:46

happen History repeat it self
guess what happenHistory repeat it self.

I have the same problem as you

I am using the Fluent 14 and I want to simulate a PEM fuel cell.
The only tutorial of PEM fuel cell of Fluent is from 6.3 version.
I use it to Fluent 14 and I follow the steps but the results does not the same, also some data and parameters are different.

Anybody know if the tutorial of 6.3 Fluent is working to Fluent 14 too?
I think now you had finish your thesis peacefully.
Can you help me to overcome my problems.
or send me your cas files.

Thank you
Emad G.

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