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perry June 6, 2005 23:34

multiphase define
I tried to define a two phase problem with Eulerian model ( fluid and solid phase ). I added the new materials in the panel define -> material, but when I tried to define the phase, I can not find the materials I defined previously, and only air was there in the phase material. What did I do wrong with this ?

Aly June 7, 2005 05:36

Re: multiphase define
May be u did not add the material correctly ...... proceed again from the list.

If adding fluid from database ........... Define\material\database\fluid material (with material type as fluid in dialog box). click copy than close than again just close the main material dialog box.

In case of soild proceed the same way. once u have entered the material than when u proceed to boundary condtions check the material defined above are there in the list by using set command.

hope this helps.


perry June 7, 2005 09:08

Re: multiphase define
Thanks Aly.

After I added the new material( a solid), I can see it in the drag-down windows, but when I went to define->phase->set->material, that added new material can not be found and only air was there. ALso I tried to add a new liquid, and it can be seen in define-> phase-> set->material

us June 7, 2005 09:38

Re: multiphase define
In Eulerian model, you define the solid phase as another fluid. So solid phase should be defined in material property table as a fluid, just as air.

To do so, open the Materials window. There is the default 'air',fluid material.

Change the name of the 'air' to whatever of your choice say 'fccparticle'.

Then change the density to solid density, may be around 2000 kg/m3. No need to change other properties since they are not used.

Then, press the 'Change/creat' buttom. A dialoge box will apear asking if you want to overwrite 'air' properties. Chose NO.

Close the Material property box.

You must see 'air' and 'fccparticle' in your dropdown list box in 'Phase' window.

Regards, -US

perry June 7, 2005 09:57

Re: multiphase define
great help!



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