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Riccardo Buccolieri June 9, 2005 12:01

reading case and data files
Hello, I have a question. Working under unix system, I want to run Fluent without opening it or, however, I want to close it but while it is iterating in background, so that I can read case and data files when I want with Fluent GUI. Can someone help me?


philip June 9, 2005 12:44

Re: reading case and data files
Have you tried running multiple instances of fluent? I take it that you want to iterate one model but use another fluent window to read in case and data files simualtaneously

Jason June 9, 2005 16:29

Re: reading case and data files
Philip is right... just open multiple instances.

If it's a licensing issue that keeps you from running multiple instances, you can start another instance using fluent 3d -post (or fluent 2d -post). This will open fluent without using a license, but it's only good for post-processing a case or setting up a case... you can't iterate with -post.


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