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aPpA June 13, 2005 08:04

CPU requirements
Hi.. Can someone tell me what kind of cluster would I be needing to solve a 3D, gas-liquid flow in a geometry with a grid of about 150,000 cells using FLUENT 6.2. The equations I need to solve for are flow, vof, turbulence, Mass transfer and probably population balances by UDF. Any sources where I can find this information will also be helpful. Thanks in advance

Mehdi Ghoddosy June 19, 2005 00:21

Re: CPU requirements
Dear aPpA:

I have sloved a problem like yours with 179,000 non-conformal grid; RNG k-e model; two layer wall treatment; VOF and QUICK descretization scheme. I have and AMD sempron 2500+ CPU with 512MB 444mhz ram. I takes about 8 hours to run 6000 iteration and get good results. Ready for more help if you need.


Mehdi Ghoddosy June 19, 2005 00:24

Re: CPU requirements
Dear aPpA:

Forgotted to say: 512 MB to maximum 1GB memory is enough for your problem. try to enhance you CPU. Also graphic card is important for posr processing

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