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Mark June 19, 2005 11:50

axisymmetric reports

I am working with an axi-symmetric simulation. I have incorporated udfs to solve for species sources and sinks. How come the Fluent Report|"Volume Integral" panel's "SUM" operation always produces a value 2*PI greater than that of the udf cell loop I have created to sum the same user-defined memory value?

It is almost as if the report panel interprets my memory values to be for 1rad, rather than the entire 3d volume like it should be. Is this a bug with Fluent? (because it is bugging me)

Thanks, Mark

Mark June 19, 2005 13:26

Re: axisymmetric reports
I have tried to validate this again, and it appears that udfs loop through axisymmetric volumes for only 1 radian. Thus any values stored in user-defined memory are multiplied by 2PI when they are reported.

This seems awkward because by modelling it as an axisymmetric problem, it is implied that the domain represents a 2PI angular section, so looping should take place over a 2PI region. I can understand why 2d simulations report values in per meter depth, but for axisymmetric, it only makes sense to do this for 2PI.

Anyway, this is something to be weary of.


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