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Julia June 21, 2005 07:46

Modeling adsorption in packed beds

I am modelling removal of colour from an industrial effluent using activated carbon as adsorbent.I have experimental data for colour concentration at the column exit

I want to see a break through curve of the colour as you normally expect to see in an adsorption column.

I think that Fluent expects the fluid to be present throughout the geometry at the start since we declare a fluid zone (is this point right????) In reality flow reaches the bottom of the column only after elapse of some time since the flow started at the top,so that the concentration of colour at the column exit at time t = 0 is 0

I am specifying inlet concentration of colour at the velocity-inlet boundary condition,patching the porous (fluid-zone) zone for zero concentration of the colour. I am writing a UDF for removal of colour by the adsorbent.Yet it is not working.

Any suggestions??? Thanks, Julia

Mark July 6, 2005 01:30

Re: Modeling adsorption in packed beds
Your problem is interesting for me.. I have similar situation.. please let me know the detail which equation you use and what approched your use in simulation.

regards, May 12, 2013 04:47

adsorption in a fixed bed and multiphase models
Hi dears

In my problem there is a fixed bed made of porous adsorbent and gas stream passes through it.

Is this manner a state of multiphase or discrete phase model in Fluent?Or not? If It is a multiphase model,which of them?(VOF or Mixture or Eullerian?)

Please help me.

A CFD free user May 13, 2013 03:39

@ soodabe
There's a tutorial in Fluent regard this. You can refer it and get some insight to start your model. But as far as I know, DPM is not applicable in your model. DPM is used when the patticles load is less than 12%. You should think of considering a large numbers of particles or considering only a few of the involved particles. Maybe you need to apply Eulerain or simpler version of it Mixture model.

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