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Ridwan June 22, 2005 19:06

Combustion Modelling
Dear all,

I want to model the combustion at the combustion chamber of industrial gas turbine (silo type/vertical). The fuel is natural gas (methane). I have some question about the modelling (the combustion type that i use is non-premixed combustion using prepdf) i.e: 1. Do i have to set/define the discrete phase? 2. Do i have to set the injections property? 2. About defining material property, if i have already set up the prepdf then i will recall the prepdf material at fluent, right!. The question is do i have to set another material property for the fuel stream only?

Thank you very much for your attention. I'm looking forward for your response.

Best regards Ridwan

Mehdi Shirmohammadi June 27, 2005 09:43

Re: Combustion Modelling

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