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anindya June 25, 2005 07:03

LES runs

I am confused with the directions stated in the fluent manual when running and gathering LES Statistics. There are 2 ways.

1) After LEShas been run for a long time and we see that the flow is giving steady values of say Cd, Cl, etc, before we start collecting data, we should type the command /solve/initialize/init-flow-statistics in TUI and also enable Data Sampling to get mean and RMS values.

2) The other option as I have seen in the Fluent UGM presentations is to let les run till steady state results are obtained (same as in 1), and then before we start collecting data, we enable Data Sampling, and also reset statistics using the GUI pane. Here there is no mention of using the command /solve/initialize/init-flow-statistics in TUI as in step 1.

So which one is right or is either of them the right procedure to collect LES data?

Thanks for your suggestions.


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