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pa-Hung June 26, 2005 21:39

How to get average values?
I have a problem in getting the result. How to get the average values in Fluent? Average values in a short peroid of iterations or time? Somebody can help me to get it plz!

Thanks in advanced!


anindya June 27, 2005 01:18

Re: How to get average values?
use enable Data Sampling in the iterate panel. Then after running the simulation for a sufficiently long time, see the results using the unsteady statistics under the display panel (either contours or vectors).


pa-Hung June 28, 2005 00:43

Re: How to get average values?
Thanks Anindya for your reply.

The problem that you conducted is unsteady solution, and in the Steady case, can we get the average values? I mean the average of the Iterations. Could you help me about that!

Thanks one more!


Andrea June 29, 2005 09:18

Re: How to get average values?
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us June 29, 2005 16:56

Re: How to get average values?
The way i get is, write a UDF where you store value in UDM and keep on avering with iterations. Read UDF manual for appropriate UDF/steps. Like to know if there is any direct step through interface.

pa-Hung June 29, 2005 21:47

Re: How to get average values?
Thanks for your reply!

I will try to do as you mentioned, because I have never do with UDF. I hope I can do it and if I have problem. I wish I can ask to you, thanks more!


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