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AJG June 28, 2005 17:41

Meshing a complex geometry

I have a complex geometry that I need to mesh, I was told to divide my domain into simpler blocks in order to make easier the meshing, however I am concern about the faces that divide this simpler blocks. how do I treat them as an interface or as an interior?

One other thing is that a few of the smaller volumes HAVE to be mesh using Tri structure which is a different structure than the one used by the rest which is Quad, how can I generate different type of mesh for two faces that are together? what about the boundary that unite them?

thanks for your help


edi ghirardi June 29, 2005 04:19

Re: Meshing a complex geometry
If two overlapping surfaces are connected (that is: they're joined into one..) the surface will be treated by gambit as an interior by default when you will export the mesh, unless you'll define it in a different way (an internal wall, for example). Obviously one face=one mesh. If you want two overlapping faces to be meshed differently, don't connect them and define them as interfaces in gambit zone panel. You will have to define the interface once again in fluent when importing the mesh.

Hope I made myself clear and hoppe this helps,


Jason June 29, 2005 08:39

Re: Meshing a complex geometry
You don't necessarily have to use interfaces though. If you keep all of the volumes connected when you split them, then you can still mix quad and tet meshes. In a volume that you plan to mesh with the tet mesh... mesh any faces that are touching a volume that will have a quad mesh with a quad mesh first. Then, when you mesh the volume with the tet mesh, it will create pyramidal elements that make the transition from tet to quad elements.

Hope this helps, and good luck, Jason

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