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Angelo Sozzi June 29, 2005 18:18

Feed real BConditions (temp) into fluent
I am looking to simulate a mixing device inline (almost online) for temperature controll.

Ideally I would like to feed inlet temperatures (hot and cold) directly to Fluent every 10 seconds. As of now I write the Temperatures into a text file. When I start fluent and use DEFINE_PROFILE to set the BC of both inlets where the values are read from the file.

PROBLEM: How do I automatically start Fluent for 50 iterations every x seconds? Is this possible from within Fluent or do I have to find a way to make a timed dos batch run? Any ideas are appreciated


(I am using Windows 2000, somebody told me I might be able to use CRON under UNIX??)

Luca June 30, 2005 03:40

Re: Feed real BConditions (temp) into fluent
There's a scheme command.Luca

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