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pah July 5, 2005 22:36

Gridgen and reversed flow.
Hi Everybody!

I used Gridgen to generate the grid system for solver is Fluent. When I use the minimum spacing is 10e-04, the Solver running without warning about "reversed flow", But when I reduce the minimum spacing size to 10e-5, in the same solving condition, the reversed flow warning appears.

So, could you show to me what is prolem and what I should do? I'm sorry if it is stupid question, but hoping your recommendation.

Thanks in advanced! pah

K. Jagus July 8, 2005 06:00

Re: Gridgen and reversed flow.
I also use Gridgen. DO You have the reversed flow only at the beginning? I think it is pretty common to receive this warning at the beginning, usually it disappears after few iterations

pah July 8, 2005 11:10

Re: Gridgen and reversed flow.
Yes, K. Jagus!

Sometime, I met the situation like you said,but sometime it do not disappear and the solution is stopped due to overflow or some others warning. So, I am confusing about this problem, somebody can help plz! Thanks a lot


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