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CFDtoy July 6, 2005 12:25

Axisymmetric Velocity Inlet ???

I have been given volumetric flow rate Q. I would like to specify velocity inlet value "v" at the inlet of an axisymmetric simulation.

What is the value should i specify ?

If the inlet length edge length is "X"

can i calculate v as ,

v = Q / (PI*X*X)

X is the radius kind of.

or is it ...v = v/2*PI ??

I dont know if i need to specify it for 2*PI radians completely as it would be a complete 3D inlet or divided by 2*PI so that It would be for a radian slice?



sarat July 8, 2005 21:48

Re: Axisymmetric Velocity Inlet ???
CFDtoy, u have to specify the same velocity v for the simulation..

CFDtoy July 11, 2005 12:00

Re: Axisymmetric Velocity Inlet ???
Hi Sarat,

So, Its the same value as that I would have specified for a complete 3D Simulation?



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