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Nick Lavery July 7, 2005 11:50

IGES Import/Export problems with Gambit 2.2.30
Dear All,

We have recently upgraded FLUENT and we are now using GAMBIT 2.2.30 as opposed to 2.1.6. We have come accross a number of problems with importing IGES files. The same IGES file that could be imported into the older version would be recognised and it would automatically generate volumes, but now surfaces are set as virtual and it is impossible to generate the same volumes in the newer version.

Furthermore, although Gambit says that it has exported an iges file, no file is created. In the past, we have corrected any problems with our IGES files by exporting the corrected geometry, and working on the IGES format, but we can't even do that now.

Has anybody come accross this problem, and can they suggest a work-arround which doesn't involve re-writing our sofware to export in STEP format??

Best regards,


Razvan July 9, 2005 08:40

Re: IGES Import/Export problems with Gambit 2.2.30
The problem with Gambit not exporting IGES files is actually a much bigger problem, because I noticed it does not export STEP files also! The only file format I could export was ACIS, so if you could use this format it would be your only chance for now. About your first problem, deactivate "heal geometry" option before import, so Gambit will not try to make a volume out of the surfaces of your geometry. Also try using the "native" translator instead of the "spatial" one (I did this all the time and I never ran into problems when importing IGES files this way). Hope this helps solving your peoblems.

Best whishes, Razvan

Nick Lavery July 19, 2005 10:10

Re: IGES Import/Export problems with Gambit 2.2.30
Hi Razvan

Thanks for the response. I have had a go at importing IGES files using Spatial as well as various forms of Generic/Specfic IGES formats as well without any luck. The best I can get is surfaces but still no volumes, while the old version of Gambit has no problems generating a volume from the same IGES file. The geometry is too complicated to generate the volume by going through these individual surfaces.

This actually represents a step back not forward, as is suggested in the release notes. I am now trying desperately to the geometry in other formats. I have e-mailed the people at FLUENT, but haven't had a response in weeks. Very fustrating as the new computer is the faster one ...

Best regards,


Nick Lavery July 20, 2005 07:20

Re: IGES Import/Export problems with Gambit 2.2.30
P.s. For those interested, with the assistance of FLUENT this problem has been solved. It appears that GAMBIT is having problems with directory names that have spaces (like the old DOS!) or long names. If you work close to the root (C:\) all import problems go away.

Rashmi July 22, 2005 01:32

gambit export problems
hello all iam rashmi here and iam using gambit to create 3d geometry (pipe) but iam unable to export the file.its showing error export file not created.

please help me

regards rashmi

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