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Sandy July 10, 2005 17:28

Fluent pipe bends problem
I am trying to model water flow in a pipe that has two bends, one of them is out of plane. The pipe length is 10 diameter long, followed by a 90deg bend with 3 diameter radius of curvature. Then followed by 10 diameter straight pipe, then a 90deg bend followed by 30 diameter straight pipe. Re=3*10^7, pipe diameter=0.7m inlet velocity 6m/s Pressure: 8000,000Pa Materials: water Can anyone give me some advice on the following? I appreciate all your inputs. Thanks! 1. Should I use LES for the viscosity setting? 2. Solver: Steady or Unsteady (1st order? 2nd order?)?? 3. What mesh size should I use if I want to use the adaptive mesh method, and the y+ needs to be 1? 4. Segregated or coupled? 5. What time step size and number of time step should I use?

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