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Sandra July 11, 2005 12:11

meshing cylinders
I have two cylinders, one that acts as a chamber and the other that acts as its nozzle. I would like to create a fine mesh, i.e. have a finer mesh around all the walls, in both the chamber and the nozzle and have the meshes match at the interfaces. I would then like to create a tank to view the flow outside the nozzle, in which case I would like to have a very fine mesh just outside the nozzle. I'm having difficulties controlling the mesh in the way I described. I in particular have trobles creating more than one row of cells in the lengtwise direction for each of my cylinders. Another difficulty is "splitting" the tank such to create a finer mesh just outside the nozzle. I tried boundary layers, size functions. I tried creating edges, faces along the cylinder faces to gain more control but that just adds the new faces and doesn't really mesh the face that I want. I haven't created an efficient and fine enough mesh yet. I'm new at this and I would appreciate any hints. Thanks in advance. Sandra

Sandra July 11, 2005 16:41

Re: meshing cylinders
I've just found some useful information on meshing cylinders. They mainly include the advantages of creating the cylinder using 2D and the sweep face option. Most of them discuss splitting the circle (cap) faces into four which I have tried but it gives me four volumes instead of one. Is there a way to unite these volumes into one without losing the identity of the mesh created. I really would appreciate any hints. Sandra

zxaar July 12, 2005 00:49

Re: meshing cylinders
i sent you a ppt, check ur email.

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