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John July 12, 2005 04:25

Annular multiphase flow
I am trying to model gas through a pipe, with a thin layer of liquid on the inside of the pipe (annular flow). Therefore, there is a clear interface between the two phases, and are not inter-penetrating.

Can I model this using the VOF model? I query this because I want the 2 phases to move at different speeds, and I dont think the VOF allows me to do this.

Thank you in advance.

Ejaz Ahmed July 14, 2005 07:43

Re: Annular multiphase flow
Hi John

i think you should define two different zones in gambit while making goemetry. then define two fluid for each zone. Now you can apply different velocities to each phase.

your case doesnot lie in the domain of multiphase flow.

With Regards

Ejaz Ahmed

Benny July 14, 2005 22:59

Re: Annular multiphase flow
I think VOF is better!

John July 15, 2005 04:23

Re: Annular multiphase flow
Yes I am now aware that with the VOF model you can have the 2 phases moving at different speeds, but they are the same velocity at the interface. (at the interface there are small liquid particles moving at same velocity as the gas phase at the interface)

Thanks for all your help.

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