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daniel July 13, 2005 07:20

dynamic (hex) mesh
Hello! I am solving a dynamic mesh problem were a lot of volumes ,walls and interior are moving in a cylinder (sort of). Previus I had a tetrahedrical mesh which worked fine, but I now managed to create a hexahedral mesh. This resulted in more interior (to support the mesh) and the fact that only the dynamic layering method is available to update the mesh. I got two problems. 1)When updating I get the message: Warning: Attempted to correct face handedness of 58 faces out of total 1113 faces on zone 101 2)And after about 10 iterations it crashes:

Error: coalesce_rib_faces: null c1 Error Object: #f

I dont know what to do.Please help! /daniel

grexpert July 15, 2005 08:03

how to export structured mesh to fluent by icemcfd
i mesh the flowfield with icemcfd ,but when selecting fluentv4 as the solver to output the mesh,it fail!!! so ,who would please tell me how to output structured mesh to fluent,my fluent is 6.1.22

zxaar July 15, 2005 19:43

Re: how to export structured mesh to fluent by ice
look at the utility command

i mean this command

utility fe2ram

converts files from one to another format, see what format you can export than you can later convert to fluents format, and export in that format.

Mahesh July 20, 2005 08:32

Re: how to export structured mesh to fluent by ice
use Fluent v5 instead of v4

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