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Seeker Philip July 13, 2005 14:12

Unsteady laminar flows
Hello all...

I need some help setting up an unsteady laminar flow calculation. I have a time dependent mass flow inlet condition and a pressure outlet condition. I have specified the inlet BC as a sine wave using a UDF. I will be simulating different frequencies (about 5Khz for now) The fluid is air and i am using the compressible model. So far, I have been getting results that dont make too much sense.

I'd like to know the essential features I need to keep in mind while defining a unsteady lamminar flow. Here are a few details: I am using the segregated solver. 2nd order Implicit with dual time stepping.

I run about 300 interations per time step.

Energy equation is enabled.

Discretization: Using the first order upwind scheme

Viscous: Laminar model

Thanks for all the help, in advance Phil

Ejaz Ahmed July 14, 2005 07:50

Re: Unsteady laminar flows
Hi Phil

With my little knowledge, i can suggest only one thing. when we are dealing the compressible flow, that may lie in transonic or supersonic. Then coupled solver are highly recomended.

And for unsteady cases, you may chose explicit coupled solver.

With regards

Ejaz Ahmed

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