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kiran July 14, 2005 04:06

angle of inclination in vof
Hi i am modelling freesurface flow over a fin attached to a strut i did the analysis of zero degree angle of attack Now i need to analyse for 5 degree angle of attack i did the analysis by changing the direction of flow in such a way that it is a 5 degree with the fin .This i did by changing the velocity inlet b.c.for zero degree angle of attack it was having just a horizondal component but for 5 degree it has a horizondal and vertical on analysis i found that the flow was showing unphysical characteristics on monitoring lift coefficient it was giving different value from that of experimental value.For zero degree deviation from experiemntal result was marginal.I would be thankfull if someone could help me out.

john_cfd July 15, 2005 11:25

Re: angle of inclination in vof
dear kiran, when u change the velocity inlet condition the effect will come on whole strut not only on ur fin, try to rotate the fin in the geometry and refine the mesh regards john

FCS_cfd July 19, 2005 16:32

Re: angle of inclination in vof

i think u r a lazy guy, mesh ur domain each time when u r changing the angle of attack.

free surface simulation will take two to three days. dont sleep that time. mesh the domain in that time

with regards team FCS

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