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Arvind Phate July 15, 2005 23:23

porous media with chemical reaction
Hi to all, i am working in heat and mass transfer through porous media with chemical reaction.My problem goes like this:- In a cylindrical container porous solid is filled and a gas is passed though it via a disc type filter at the inlet.and the reaction is taking place which is it is dipped in an constant temperature bath to take away that heat to sustain that reaction.So for this i am supposed to solve(1)one energy equation(assuming LTE)(2) two mass balance(for solid/fluid)(3)reaction rate equation of arrhenius type but the pre exponential factor is not constant,its an expression and is a function of pressure and concentration.and the source term for energy is the product of heat of reaction and reaction rate,mass balance source term is reaction rate expression.So i want to know whether this is possible in FLUENT or NOT?????????????????

thanks in advance, prompt reply will be appreciated


Swarup July 18, 2005 11:16

Re: porous media with chemical reaction
It is possible.

Arvind Phate July 18, 2005 13:52

Re: porous media with chemical reaction
Hi Swarup,

I want to know how to define mass balance for solid in fluent using UDS. thanks for the reply arvind

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