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lily July 21, 2005 02:50

Selecting the multiphase model
I want to model gas/solid flow in the filtration process, in which the gas and the particle flow toward to the porous filter surface. Most of the particle will settle on the filter surface, and the gas and little particles will penetrate the porous wall. So the particle is dense near the filter surface and the particle phase volume fraction is about 0.6. But the particle is very dilute in other places and the particle density is about 0.0001kg/m3. I want to use the Lagrangian discrete phase model in the dilute domain, whereas use The Eulerian Model in the dense domain. But I doní»t know how I can do this. And I want to know whether this is feasible. Any ideas? Thanks in advance. lily

Alec Eiffel July 21, 2005 06:35

Re: Selecting the multiphase model
first set up the granular eulerian model throughout the whole domain and solve the model.

after solving set up lagrangian particle injection and display the particle trajectories. this will not affect the solution and allow you to see the particle trajectories. hope this helps

lily July 21, 2005 07:04

Re: Selecting the multiphase model
Thanks Alec Eiffel. If I want to use the Lagrangian discrete phase model in the dilute domain and use the Eulerian Model in the dense domain when I calculate the whole domain at the same time, what and how can I do in the FLUENT software to let the Lagrangian discrete phase mode only works on the dilute domain and let the Eulerian Model works only on the dilute dormain? Is my idea is possible? Any suggestion will be appreciate.

MANOJ August 1, 2005 05:11

help in moving mesh

i am doing my post graduation and learning cfd. i am facing problem in the moving mesh generation.i have constructed the cubical furnace of 300 mm in length, width and height. inside the a galvanising sheet is kept.this sheet enters from left corner on the top and comes out from the right corner on the top. It's dimension are 500 mm in height, thickness of 5 mm and length of 100 mm.please guide me how to give the boundary conditions and how to create the moving mesh. thank you.

manoj August 4, 2005 03:40

help ! in moving wall
thank u my new problem is moving mesh i doing a tutorial in which a sheet of 1 mm thick and galavnizing in a 1m square box the sheet dip in one side of box at top left and come in right top of box. i want what is doing for moving the mesh and which type of boundry condition is given if any tutorial given in web-side then give address

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