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Sham July 24, 2005 22:31

Refine mesh error
When I try to refine the mesh in Gambit and read it in Fluent, it gives me this message


grid, face[187358]->cell1[-1] on thread 11 out of range (0<=cell<94169). Error: Build_Grid: grid error.

Clearing partially read grid.

Error: FLUENT received fatal signal (ACCESS_VIOLATION) 1. Note exact events leading to error. 2. Save case/data under new name. 3. Exit program and restart to continue. 4. Report error to your distributor. Error Object: ()

Can someone help me solve this problem.



Jason July 25, 2005 09:16

Re: Refine mesh error
Usually this means the file was corrupted... I get this sometimes, and I re-write the mesh file and it fixes the problem. Also, if you are transferring the file, sometimes the wrong transfer protocal is used and data gets cut off, so be careful of that too.

Hope this helps, and good luck, Jason

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