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Maged July 28, 2005 18:13

V2F Model
Hi all

Does anyone knows, how much does the licence for the V2F turbulence model cost?

Regards, Maged

P.S: I am a graduate student and I need this model for the research of my MSc thesis.

dirk July 29, 2005 06:41

Re: V2F Model
Maybe you can a get free trial first, you should talk with your admin. We got one trial license (also at university) for three weeks, but V2F didn't work in my case.

Maged July 29, 2005 10:08

Re: V2F Model
Dear Dirk

Thank you so much for your help. Have you tried to use the V2F model for the Jet-in-crossflow case? (I have read your previous message about "LES of Jet in crossflow") I am also conducting numerical simulation of a Jet-in-crossflow, but I don't have enough computational resources to perform LES, so I will compare the results of different RANS models like standard k-e, SST, RSM and maybe also V2F with experimental results. I am using PC with 3 GB processor and 2 GB of RAM, so I think the use of LES or DES will not be practicable for my case.

Your help and comments are highly appreciated.


dirk July 29, 2005 11:09

Re: V2F Model
That's right, I used it for a JICF. But my duct flow was laminar and so I wanted to simulate separation and transition around the exiting jet. V2F couldn't do this properly, the other turbulence models by the way couldn't either. But I didn't test V2F in fully turbulent flow.


Anindya July 29, 2005 18:03

Re: V2F Model
I think you can do a les simulation for your case with about 2M cells (max). But it will be a little time consuming.

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