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Paolo Lampitella July 29, 2005 06:47

Flow over a flat plate: BCs
Hi What kind of boundary conditions should i use if i would simulate the flow around a palette placed on a flat plate? The domain is a rectangular box which has the bottom face as wall and on this there's the palette; the front face is set as velocity inlet and the side faces are periodic. I have trouble in setting the top and exit boundary conditions because the only ones that really works are: velocity inlet on top (Is it physical?) and outflow at the exit face. I would like to know if there are more physical BCs that easily converge. Thank you

Mehdi Ghoddosy July 30, 2005 06:48

Re: Flow over a flat plate: BCs
Dear Sbafinni:

This link is developed specially for flate plate boundary layer using fluent:

Best Regards

Mehdi Ghoddosy

Paolo Lampitella July 30, 2005 07:55

Re: Flow over a flat plate: BCs
Thank you for your help, it was real helpful for a lot of details but maybe i've made some mistakes in describing my problem (probably due to my bad english): i've already done the run of a free boundary layer over a flat plate in 3D with the boundary conditions described in the tutorial. Now i've inserted a micro vortex generator in the boundary layer so the pressure outlet condition at the outlet is no more physical and even if i try to use it, the run doesn't converge with any combination of boundary conditions (top-exit). Now, the best one should be outflow at the exit and pressure outlet on the top of the domain but it doesn't works; the only way to let it works is to change the top condition in velocity inlet but i think it is not physical. What i think is that Fluent doesn't likes to work with the pressure on the boundaries because it's not able to adjust the little variations that occur in the pressure distribution at the i would like to know if there are some tricks or tips to force it to work with the right boundary conditions. Thank you

nvtrieu April 16, 2010 04:58


Actually this topic was posted long time ago but It is still useful for me! :) But unfortunately, I can not download the tutorial by this link! Can you help me?

Reyhaneh Sadat Ghazanfari November 1, 2010 01:52

Dear Mehdi
I'm a master student of hydraulic structures in ut and my thesis is 3d modelling of flow in channel using fluent.I find you really experinced in this field.would you please give me your e-mail to contact you?
best regards

nadesan October 24, 2012 14:54

I am encountering the same problem. The free stream boundary condition at the top (velocity inlet) is fine unless and until you are sure that the disturbance from the wall gets dissipated before reaching the top wall, else you would force the disturbance to subside by using the dirichlet boundary condition at the top. I am getting confused to specify the boundary condition. I cant download the pdf file. Could you please help me in getting the pdf file?. My mail id is

Thank you so much

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