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RAJKUMAR August 2, 2005 21:28

Plate with hinge is rotating about an axis with varying theta (0-90 deg) and this axis inside a blade is rotating completely with 50 rad/sec about another axis. Both axes are in one direction (Z-direction).

Geometry Description:

You can visualize this problem with ease. Take a drum and split it into 2 halves then stagger them to make S-type (Top view) by joining the two different side edges. Allow it to rotate in Air, due to difference in profiles, Concave and convex shapes will generate net drag in one direction. Now I want to make a hinge plate inside the concave shape. When the wind is in touch with the concave side it remains closed and when it is in touch with the convex side the blade starts rotate some angle (function of drag and centrifugal force of plate) to allow air to pass through the hole made in the drum blades.

So please give me some idea to model this problem in fluent.

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