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xc August 5, 2005 15:11

Parallel Process: RSH Connection
Dear All,

I am trying to use the Fluent parallel process with RSHD on a number of PCs (WinXP). I installed the rshd.exe and started the service. However, when I typed "rsh remotePCname dir", I got "rsh: can't establish connection". Actually, I can see the remote PC with "ping" and window explore. Anything should I consider? Thanks.


razvan August 6, 2005 08:35

Re: Parallel Process: RSH Connection
Use MPICH. Trust me!

kk August 9, 2005 21:04

Re: Parallel Process: RSH Connection
hi, i don't know it well, but i got same message when rshd on remotePC failed to start.

is rshd on your remotePC working successfully?

xc August 10, 2005 14:23

Re: Parallel Process: RSH Connection
Thanks, Razvan,

Yes, I am switching to MPICH. However, there is still a problem becuase of FireWall (I am using XP with SP2). When I turn the firewall off, everything works fine. When I turn it on, there will be a connection problem. I DO put the Fluent excutable files (fl_nmpi6216.exe, fl_net6216.exe and fl6216.exe) in the firewall exception list, and even mpd.exe, mpirun.exe (although some of them may not be necessary). What else have to be included in the list to make it go through? Thanks.


Mahesh August 11, 2005 05:58

Re: Parallel Process: RSH Connection
The problem may be with Fluent. Use Fluent is the same directory in each system & share those folders. If Fluent folder is not shared, u cant spawn the nodes.

xc August 11, 2005 15:44

Re: Parallel Process: RSH Connection
Hi kk,

I figured out it is because of XP firewall. Meanwhile, I am trying to use MPICH rather than RSHD now as suggested. The new problem is that what should be included in the firewall exception list to make MPICH pass by the firewall (if we don't want to turn it off). Any idea?



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