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zi August 5, 2005 18:16

Wind Tunnel Experiment Validation
Hi all,

I am currently involved in a research project which is based on validation of a wind tunnel experiment by CFD. I have tested a sail rig in the wind tunnel and now I am supposed to validate these experiments in Fluent. The main problem is the fine mesh screens at the inlet of the wind tunnel which are used for creating a uniform flow and also creating fine scale turbulence. According to the previous work done, these mesh screens increase the effective reynolds number of the model five to six times. The chord based reynolds numbers for the model are about 2*E5 which is not fully turbulent. Full scale reynolds number are above a million which implies that according to the increased effective reynolds number of the model due to the mesh screens, the highly viscous forces experinced by the model and the full size yacht are similar. At this point, I am having difficulties in modelling the same turbulence phenomenon as the wind tunnel in cfd. I know that most of the turbulence models are insensitive to the inlet turbulence specification and it is just to initialise the solution. Has anybody got an idea about what I can do?

Thanks in advance,


Tumer August 5, 2005 18:19

Re: Wind Tunnel Experiment Validation
Hi mate if you find my mesh I will give you 100000 Lira,

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