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Sham August 14, 2005 19:16

Pressure distribution
Hello all,

I am modelling an external flow over a cylinder. Is it possible to plot a pressure distribution around the cylinder wall in FLUENT? If so, how?

Thanks in advance.


Ben August 15, 2005 17:03

Re: Pressure distribution
In the plot option you can select pressure and for the surface, you select the cylinder surface. That will give you the pressure distribution over the cylinder.

ayyappan August 16, 2005 23:54

Re: Pressure distribution
hi its better to compare nondimensional pressure than merely pressure

Allan Cross August 23, 2005 01:16

Re: Pressure distribution
The best way I found of doing a pressure plot on a cylinder is with the "Solve--> execute command" and run it every like 10 time steps. the command I'm using is

plot plot yes "pressure%i" yes no no pressure yes 1 0 (1 8) | | | | | | | | | | | | menu | node values | order pt| | cell function | surface ids

command File%i iteration |Y axis Lenght | | iy

Yaxis | ix

X axis

Just get you surface id for what you want, its a pain in the to find these ids i remeber.

Also split you cylinder into the top half and bottom half as you want to have pressure plots each seperate, otherwise you get two pressures for one point in the x-direction. eg, (1 8) 1 is top surface id, 8 is bottom surface id

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