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santosh August 16, 2005 11:36

how to reduce Cell Equivolume Skew
Dear Forum, i have a model which is placed in the atmosphere so i made a fine mesh at my boundary of my model and a coarse mesh at the atmosphere using hypermesh but i am getting a Cell Equivolume Skew of 0.9915 i think which is very high so my fluent run is not running it is coming out with an error message Floating point error. i even dont know it is due to Cell Equivolume Skew if so how can i reduce Cell Equivolume Skew can you please help me out


Jason August 16, 2005 14:38

Re: how to reduce Cell Equivolume Skew
You need to find the highly skewed elements before you can figure out how to fix them. In Gambit, use the Examine Mesh Tool (icon is at the bottom right of the screen... looks like a yellow checkerboard with a magnifying glass over it) to find the highly skewed elements.

Typically an equivolume skewness that high is a problem with your geometry (two edges or two planes coming together at a sharp angle, a very short edge relative to your mesh size, stuff like that). Once you find the bad cell, then you need to understand what about the geometry is causing the problem. From there you can figure out what to do to fix it. Maybe it means merging faces or edges. Maybe it means splitting edges or faces instead. It all depends on what's causing the problem.

Good luck, Jason

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