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Aireen August 17, 2005 14:25

compiled or interpreted udf
Does anyone know, what the different between compiled and interpreted udf is? I can interpret my udf but can't compile it. Can I just do one of those?

shiva August 17, 2005 14:57

Re: compiled or interpreted udf
u can check the udf manual..given below is the link

if it still doesnt help, mail me the code..lets see we can do something.

Sai Muppur

Aireen August 17, 2005 23:19

Re: compiled or interpreted udf
I am still trying to compile the udf example given in the fluent tutorial. I am getting confused. How to determine which udf should be compiled or interpreted.

shiva August 18, 2005 12:56

Re: compiled or interpreted udf
what is the case u r trying to set up and whats the purpose of the UDF in the model? Then i will be able to help u.


Aireen August 19, 2005 11:45

Re: compiled or interpreted udf
Initially, I am trying to simulate a simple phenomena, a ball drop in the air until it reach it's terminal velocity. Later, I would like to simulate a water droplet falling and hitting a flat surface and simulate the spreading phenomena. Thanks.

Aireen August 19, 2005 11:49

Re: compiled or interpreted udf
I checked in Fluent manual it says, for GRID_MOTION macro, it can only be executed as compiled UDF. I am stucked with this compile problem for about 3 weeks!!! I am using window XP and Visual C++ Toolkit 2003 as my compiler. I've set my environment and declare my working folder as sharing as per recommended by Fluent. I am still getting 'nmake' is not recognized as internal or external command. Thanks for yr help.

shiva August 19, 2005 16:12

Re: compiled or interpreted udf
good..atleast u now know its shud be compiled for sure. next thing is to make sure what macro to use. mebbe in ur case define c.g motion is more appropriate. not sure though. finally, did u start fluent from ur working directory only before compiling it? that is as important as having the compiler itself. in case u have problem, go to programs ----> fluent inc ----> environment, then click modify. then it shud allow u to open fluent from a command prompt in whatever directory u r. hope, all this helps. if u r working in a company get the admin to install visual studio .net on ur machine which is much much easier to handle.

Aireen August 22, 2005 11:11

Re: compiled or interpreted udf
I've set the environment and started my fluent from the compiler command prompt. Previously I am using microsoft visual c++ toolkit 2003 (compiler) that I downloaded free from the internet. Today I want to try to install visual I hope after this, it could compile.

Aireen August 23, 2005 16:31

Re: compiled or interpreted udf
Thanks to all of you. Now my fluent is working fine. I install Microsoft visual c++ (b4 this I was using microsoft visual c++ toolkit 2003).

Alper Albayraq August 23, 2005 23:59

Re: compiled or interpreted udf
Hi Aireen

If you remember I have the same problem of you. Can you say me what exactly have you done? Please give the exect version of Microsoft visual c++ ?

thank you for your help, Alper

Aireen August 24, 2005 10:55

Re: compiled or interpreted udf
I am using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003

Alper Albayraq August 25, 2005 00:54

Re: compiled or interpreted udf

I aslo could compile with visual c++ 6. Thank you very much. See you in other problem.

regards, Alper

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