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Kyung-Seok, Kim August 18, 2005 02:04

Unsteady aerodynamic analysis of Airfoil
Hi, everyone. I'm trying to analyze unsteady aerodynamic analysis. The model is airfoil.

but, 1.How can I do this with "Fluent" ? (I can obtain steady result.)

2.How can I get the "unsteady pressure coefficient"?

and I'm beginer in aerodynamics, so can you recommend some reference materials(book,thesis, or website)?

Thank you in advance.

Miqdad August 18, 2005 15:12

Re: Unsteady aerodynamic analysis of Airfoil
Well, unsteady analysis are always time dependent. I guess you should be having your airfoil at a reasonable angle of attack to capture those bluff body shedding.

Hope this helps!

helper August 22, 2005 15:28

Re: Unsteady aerodynamic analysis of Airfoil
Since you're interested, don't you think you need to do transient simulation? You can activate unsteady option in the "Define/Models/Solver" panel. Choose "Unsteady in the "Time" box, and "2nd-order implicit" in the "Unstesdy Formulation" box. Determine the time-step size so that you have a sufficient number of time steps (>50 e.g.,) per the expected period of the vortex shedding. Use the steady solution as an initial guess for your transient computation. See if there's any tutorial on unsteady flow simulation.

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