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Sham August 19, 2005 20:24

White Background
Hello all,

Does anyone know how to plot white background in Fluent?



Aly August 20, 2005 15:06

Re: White Background
There are two ways of having white background i.e for hardcopy or graphics.

1. click hardcopy/format ...........pick jpeg or tiff etc. then click colour, raster, resoltuion (800 by 600) and save. then open this file in windows in linux you will have white back ground.

2. seondly what i do is copy and paste the fluent plot diagram in paint brush and use image/invert colour there to change the entire plot in white and other colour scheme.

hope this helps.


Masood August 21, 2005 13:51

Re: White Background
hi m8 simply go to harcopy. selct tiff as it is image format. then selct invert back ground. when u preview it u will see the white background. now select in the poped window to not change the window (i forgot the exact words of the prompted message) but dont change the default setting of black background or the background will become white. then if u want to save a picture of that displayed graphics, click the save option (and specify the name) and u will have the image file saved just like the one u previewed. i hope it it will help.

Aly August 21, 2005 14:07

Re: White Background
thanks Masoood for reminding ......i forgot to mention that one.

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