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Abu-Khawlah August 20, 2005 10:14

allowed gas phase escape
Hi all,

I am working with three phase model (Fluid+gas). I have a top wall in the domain, the gas injected from the bottom and it must leave at the top, also to stop the other phase from leaving the domain a wall is used at the top surfce. However, a UDF macro linked to the cells attached to the wall to allowed gas leaving as shown below, but the gas is not leaving completely, and a rotation of the gas greated once it contact with wall, so some of the gas phase remain in the system. Please advice me.



************************************* #include "udf.h"

DEFINE_SOURCE(phase_source,c,t,ds,eqn) {

real source;

source = -C_VOF(c,t) *C_R(c,t);

ds[eqn] = 0;

return source;

} ************************************ Note: I add the cell real volume (C_VOLUME) to the source but not match changed ************************************

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