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Thiyagarajan August 21, 2005 07:43

unsteady DPM
Hi all,

i want to do an unsteady DPM trajectory calculation while the continuous phase flow is steady.i gave all neccessary inputs.The injection starts and ends in one DPM iteration,but i want injection in every DPM iteration. how to get that? thanks for your time. regards Thiyaga

YZ August 21, 2005 09:21

Re: unsteady DPM
I have never done this, but I have an impression that UDF is able to do that by some kinds of initiation? You probably could go to UDF help for this.

YZ August 21, 2005 09:26

Re: unsteady DPM
actually I myself have a question about your work: You meant particle tracking in a steady flow? The "steady" and "unsteady" in Fluent is only refering to the continuous phase as I understood? I think Fluent needs to expand its DPM help.

Thiyagarajan August 21, 2005 13:36

Re: unsteady DPM
hi YZ,

thanks for ur reply. actually, i am modelling an airfilter, i want to 'trap' sand particle on filter i decided to use unsteady particle injection while the continuos phase remains steady.i wouldlike to collect the sand particles in every DPM injection.but the injection stops with one DPM iteration,how to get injection for every DPM iteration. thanks for ur time.. regards Thiyaga.

YZ August 23, 2005 14:06

Re: unsteady DPM
It seems Fluent 6.2.16 has some capabilities to control the injection, but I am not 100% sure. best,

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