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david August 23, 2005 14:08

Using Tecplot for contours display
Hi all,

Sorry for posting a message related to Tecplot here but I tried the appropriate forum for tecplot user's and did not find an answer.

More problem is that I am having problem using Tecplot to visualize contours (independent of variable used).

My procedure is the following:

1-Read case and data

2-Go file -> export

3- Choose Tecplot, do not select any surface (so that all surfaces should be written to file)

4- Select the desired variable(s) to be written

5-Save the data in a *.plt file format

6-Load the data file into Tecplot 9

Following these steps here is the message I get the following message:


Err:-Not enough element in Connectivity list.

Error occured on line 196663 near position marked with @.


After checking this correspond to the end of the data file.

I would greatly appreciate if somebody could give some advice on how to resolve this issue.

Best Regards

Fuping Qian August 23, 2005 20:51

Re: Using Tecplot for contours display
I have met the same question in my project, and I have not solved this. Hope someone can help us.

Sowjanya August 23, 2005 22:37

Re: Using Tecplot for contours display
I have come across this problem many times. If you are trying to visualize Fluent results one suggestion is that try to open the data file and see if the type of elements used for grid generation and ones in the data file are the same. For example if you are using Tet/T-grid Mesh... In the data file you need to specify the elements as TRIANGLE because they are exported as quad's by default this problem arises. If still the problem exists trying going to Tecplot and import your files through the fluent data loader option. This helps because it loads the whole result data file and then you can visualize any frame you want. Let me know if you still have a problem. --Sowjanya

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