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Arvind Phate August 27, 2005 13:17

Hi Friends,

Plz tell me how to define unsteady term for mass balance of solid(porous media (scalar is solid density)).I have tried with the uds below whether it is right or some problem is their plz guide me. DEFINE_UDS_UNSTEADY(uns_time_density, c, t, i, apu, su) { float physical_dt,vol,rho,phi_old;

if(!Data_Valid_P()) return 0.0; physical_dt = RP_Get_Real("physical-time-step"); vol = C_VOLUME(c,t); rho = C_R_M1(c,t); *apu = -rho*vol / physical_dt*1;/*implicit part*/ phi_old = C_STORAGE_R(c,t,SV_UDSI_M1(1)); *su = rho*vol*phi_old/physical_dt*1;/*explicit part*/ } when i am compiling it with other udf's all are working but the below mentioned error is being diplayed.anyway finally it is getting loaded too. warning C4098: 'uns_time_density' : 'void' function returning a value plz help me out............. thanks in advance


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