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Manoj Kumar August 30, 2005 02:41

Dynamic meshing
Hi Everyone

I am trying to simulate heave motion of a ship (2d)using dynamic meshing. The problem I am facing is that the remeshing feature of the dynamic meshing scheme doesn't works during my simulation, though I have enabled it.

Smoothing feature works well. But because the remeshing feature doesn't works, it results in negative cell volumes.

I have tried both trangular as well as quadrilateral elements.

Please help me.

Thanks in advance.


Passerby August 30, 2005 06:35

Re: Dynamic meshing
decrease your time step.

Manoj Kumar August 30, 2005 11:24

Re: Dynamic meshing
Thanks for the reply.

Now my simulation is working well. Actually the problem was I had not defined the boundary adjacent to the fluid (deforming zone) and the moving boundary (ship hull), as deforming. In my problem symmetry axis deforms.

I have one more doubt. Which boundary condition should I apply at the free surface? I want to simulate the freesurface (air-water interface) with out using VOF model.



sohail_27 June 27, 2010 19:26

Airfoil rotating w.r.t central axis
I am trying to run simulation (2D) for 3 bladed NACA 0012 airfoil in vertical motion with respect to central axis using gambit and fluent. I know how to create mesh for single airfoil and run simulation on it, but i don't know how to create mesh for airfoil and to rotate it in fluent. I would be glad if anyone could help me out.
Here is a youtube video of what i actually want to do. Please help me out guys, its part of my thesis.


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