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wanghong August 30, 2005 22:30

can melting model and vof model be used together?
hi! high power laser beams melt a metal,the recoil pressure from its evaporation gas will act on the metal pool,the free surface of pool will be sunken and become a keyhole which is full of metal gas in metal pool.i want to track the evolution of free surface.can melt model and vof model be used together? how to do it? thanks!

Frederik August 31, 2005 04:33

Re: can melting model and vof model be used togeth
Hi, yes I think you can use both melting and VOF model for keyhole formation in laser welding ...

Papers from UMR involve two phase take detail account of weld pool fluid mechanics. If you go to Tsai's web page, you will find he has dealt extensively on the "key-hole" phenomenon :

where you will find the details... I think you have to use udf for surface tension (marangoni the free surface ..and also for pressure recoil of the vapour. What are the equations of the model that you can not introduce into the model using UDFs...???

rajeshkumar April 6, 2011 09:45

recoil pressure effect in laser welding
sir, i need to add the source terms (recoil pressure and surface tension effects) into the momentum equation. so i need udf for that. can you help.


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