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Venkat September 1, 2005 11:07

Bubble dynamics
Hi friends,

So far i am working hydrodynamics of underwater vehicles using FLUENT. Now i want to do the underwater explosion analysis. Due to explosion bubbles will form with high preesure and these bubbles will exert the pressure on the nearby sturcture. Now i want to know how to simulate this bubble in FLUENT. Is anybody working on this topic. I am thankful to you for your valuable suggestions.

razvan September 2, 2005 06:30

Re: Bubble dynamics
You can use patching to initialize the solution:

- first patch a volume of water like in any VOF simulation;

- mark a small circular region using adaption registers inside the water zone;

- patch this region with high pressure and temperature gas (this will be explosion resulted gases);

- start your unsteady simulation using an appropriate time-step.

I think that you should also pay attention to VOF specific settings that do not apply here, or apply differently!

Best wishes, Razvan

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